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COMPETITION |  |  30.04.09  |  send link
Hyères 2009 - The Winners
ImageThe international fashion and photography festival at Hyères took place last weekend at the famous Villa Noailles.
Have a look at this years winners here

EXHIBITION |  |  29.04.09  |  send link
Transforming shapes
ImageThe Prada Transformer has finally arrived in Seoul. It is a site-specific construction, conceived by Rem Koolhaas. The fashion house is using Transformer as a pavilion to house the company’s “Waist Down” exhibit, a series of twirling skirts that has already been shown in New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo, for the next month. Later, it will be used for a film festival, fashion shows and an art exhibit. The Prada Transformer will run for five months.

EVENT |  |  28.04.09  |  send link
Siebeneichengasse presents...

The private fashion institute Siebeneichengasse is run by the city of Vienna, and a threesome of fabulous designers has taken their disciples under their wings: Michèl Mayer, Thang de Hoo and Atil Kutoglu. A final presentation of the designs created throughout the 2008/09 academic year takes place in the beautiful setting of Vienna's Arsenal.

Heeresgeschichtliches Museum, Arsenal
1030, Ghegastraße
starts at 7.30 pm
doors open at 6.30, € 15/11

DISCOURSE |  |  27.04.09  |  send link
Hearings Modeprofessur
ImageDie Hearings der geladenen BewerberInnen für die Professur Mode an der Modeschule Wien in Kooperation mit der Universität für künstlerische und industrielle Gestaltung in Linz , finden am Dienstag, 28. April 2009 in der Modeschule Hetzendorf/Festsaal, Hetzendorferstraße 79, 1120 Wien, statt.

09.00 Uhr - Mag. Amra Bergman
09.45 Uhr - Mag. Wally Salner / Mag. Johannes Schweiger
10.30 Uhr - Dipl.Des. Yella Hassel
11.15 Uhr - Michelle Boor, BFA

SALE |  |  25.04.09  |  send link
Paris à vendre
Image2009|04|25 + 26

The vente privée (this is the very classy equivalent of our rather brassy sample sales) STUDIO is organised by Les Daltone. The list of participating designers comprises some very promising names, such as Charles Anastase, Gaspard Yurkievich, BaronBaronne, Claudia Rosa Lukas, Pulver and more.

STUDIO Première Edition
243, rue Saint Martin
75003 Paris

FESTIVAL |  |  24.04.09  |  send link
Hyères 2009
Image2009|04|24 – 27

It's time again for one of the most important international fashion festivals, notoriously a playground for talent scouts worldwide and Diane Pernet's favourite place to air her complicated hairdo. To stay in touch with what's going on, check out the festival blog.

COMPETITION |  |  23.04.09  |  send link
Create Tennis Art
ImageEllesse, the iconic Italian sportswear brand, is celebrating its 50th anniversary with the launch of a  global design competition for upcoming and established artists and designers. The categories for the competition will range from fashion and textiles, right through to fine art, sculpture, street art, graphics and digital.

Deadline extended to 10th May 2009

SHOP |  |  23.04.09  |  send link
More Mühlbauer than ever

A last-minute announcement for the Salzburgers among our readers: the Viennese millinery Mühlbauer opens its first Salzburg boutique – very practical for hatles festival-goers. And the Japanese crowd, lest they want to shop Mühlbauer at home.

Universitätsplatz 11,
5020 Salzburg
starting at 7 pm

EVENT |  |  22.04.09  |  send link
Image2009|04|23 – 26

Modepalast over and over again. With their impressive range of media partners (have you come across a lifestyle magazine or a newspaper without a Modepalast ad? we haven't). If you need more information than ads, check out their blog.

quartier21, MuseumsQuartier
1070, Wien

DISCOURSE |  |  22.04.09  |  send link
Alice Schwarzer spricht!
ImageWer es überraschend fand, dass die Grande Dame der deutschen Emanzipation und Emma-Gründerin Alice Schwarzer als Vortragende an eine Kunstuniversität geholt wird, hat drei Gelegenheiten, dieses Gefühl der Überraschung bestätigt zu sehen oder abzubauen. Sie spricht über Pornografie und Kunst (23. 4., 15 – 17 Uhr), religiösen Fundamentlismus und Menschenrechte (30. 4., 15 – 17 Uhr) und ganz allgemein über Frauen und Männer (7.5., 15 – 17 Uhr)

Universität für Angewandte Kunst
Expositur Vordere Zollamtstraße 3

EXHIBITION |  |  21.04.09  |  send link
Natalia Brilli world tour stopover
Image2009|04|23 – 05|23

Reasons to jubilate: the Natalia Brilli world tour will come to town, after previous stops in Paris (Maria Luisa Store), Miami (Art Basel Miami Beach), Dusseldorf and Copenhagen. Check out her installations in Vienna's concept store Park and have a look at her website

DESIGNER |  |  20.04.09  |  send link
Another Award

A remix of the Golden Twenties, is the motto of this year's edition of the infamous Ringstraßen Galerien fashion awards . How adequate in the year of the nearly as Great Depression as the one that kicked off in 1929. The award ceremony takes place in Ringstraßen Galerien and starts at 8 pm, entrance is free.

EVENT |  |  18.04.09  |  send link
Styles Gast Gala

Never mind the hard times: it's time for a glamorous soirée again, as STYLES magazine invites local celebs and party people to its annual soirée organised on the occasion of Vienna's very own gastronomy fair. Fashion is part of the game, as the evening features fashion shows by Austrian designers AND_i, Edith A'Gay, Marcel Ostertag and Martina Rogy.

Courtyard by Marriott Wien Messe
1020, Trabrennstrasse 4
7 pm

EXHIBITION |  |  17.04.09  |  send link
Andrea Auer "The White Tube"
Image 2009|04|17 – 05|23

Andrea Auer starts out thinking about the white cube, and this brings her to creating artworks that are presented in the framework of an exhibition entitled "The White Tube". Original and witty, surprising and a wee bit ironic, maybe.
Galerie V & V, Bauernmarkt 19, 1010

SHOP |  |  16.04.09  |  send link
Fetish Charity
Image 2009|04|16

A little last-minute announcement for all lovers of leather and rubber clothes, whips, restraints and harnesses who want to do good. Tiberius opens its doors for its traditional round of charity shopping that benefits the Life Ball organisation and its fight against AIDS. 10 % of the money spent tomorrow night btw. 6 and 10 pm will go to Life Ball.

MAGAZINE |  |  16.04.09  |  send link
DIY magazine, now out in AUT
Image The do-it-yourself fashion magazine CUT was published for the first time in March this year. Needless to say, the magazine is obviously one of the winners of the CRISIS (!!!). So successful was the launch issue that no more copies were available after the first few days of circulation. Enough reasons for a self-confident reprint AND a widened distribution network that now also comprises some Austrian locations. Hunt the mag now!

SALE |  |  15.04.09  |  send link
Vera Dittrich Sale
Image 2009|04|17 + 18

Vienna-based designer Vera Dittrich invites you to flick through her collections and pick your favourites during the two days of sale she holds in her studio.

1070, Karl Schweighoferstraße 10/9
12 - 7 pm

SHOP |  |  14.04.09  |  send link
Pop Up Store
Image In a time where shoppers are said to be increasingly impressed by the CRISIS (!!!), flexible shop concepts seem to blossom. At least, if the example of Sixxa Pop-Up Store is representative. It has just moved to a new and larger location and is therefore able to showcase a larger range of products than before. Go have a look at the new store in Kirchengasse 22, 1070.

DESIGNER |  |  13.04.09  |  send link
Doychinoff Fashion Show

DOYCHINOFF presents 'Symbioun'
Autumn Winter 2010
VIArte Gallery
1150, Geibelgasse 14 - 16
8 pm
After Show Party with DJ line !

PERFORMANCE |  |  10.04.09  |  send link
Herbststraße - official performance 09
Image 2009|04|16 + 17

It's Herbstraßen-time again: The fashion school's official collection presentation will take place during performances held on April 16 and 17, at 8 pm on both evenings. A year's work by the institution's pupils will be shown. Just what you need to get that vital springtime creative boost.

Herbststraße 104, 1160

EXHIBITION |  |  09.04.09  |  send link
Rosebud, Inc. Showroom

Image 2009|04|15

10 years of Rosebud, Inc. and no standing still: the exquisite Vienna-based agency launches a temporary exhibition space. The first exhibition showcases photographic works by Chloe Potter and is entitled "Double Dare". After the opening, the exhibition can be visited on working days between 10 am and 5 pm - by appointment only, please call.

Salmgasse 4a, 1030
April 15, 7 pm

MAGAZINE |  |  08.04.09  |  send link
faq magazine # 03 out now!
Image The brandnew issue of faq magazine hits newsstands today. Check it out for a vast range of culture and fashion topics, the latter including a portrait of Bernhard Willhelm, an extensive article about high-street and fastfashion collaborations (with statements by Ute Ploier) and a spotlight on Anne-Marie Herckes' miniature couture.