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news archive
MAGAZINE |  |  31.07.09  |  send link
Summer Read: print magazine
Image Before it's time to part (for the summer, let us reassure you), here's something for your beach bag - the "Art en vogue" issue of Kunstforum international. Not the catchiest title, nor the best layout - but definitely something that will charge your fashion batteries for the summer (and if you must: most of the texts are available online...)

BOOK |  |  31.07.09  |  send link
Summer Read: fashion book
Image As it's getting hot and hotter, you are still strong enough to flick through the pages of "20th Century Fashion - 100 Years of Apparel Ads" by Taschen. While sipping your Sex on the Beach, of course...

MAGAZINE |  |  31.07.09  |  send link
Summer Read: online magazine
Image And finally: our tip for online aficionados - under an umbrella, your iphone and you? Schön magazine is out, powered by the skills of everyone willing at The August issue, so to say...

EVENT |  |  30.07.09  |  send link
Save the date: Vienna Fashion Week
Image For a bit of relaxation between Milano and Paris: the first edition of MQ Vienna Fashion Week will take place from September 24 - 27, and we are all very curious to see what it will be like. So, for the time being and before you shut down your Venetian blinds for ferragosto, save that date, will ya?

EVENT |  |  29.07.09  |  send link
Copenhagen Fashion Week
Image 2009|08|05 - 09

One of the hottest fashion weeks outside the world's four fashion capitals will take place in Copenhagen in early August. The lineup of designers is really impressive, and it's interesting to see how several labels have moved from Stockholm to Copenhagen for presenting their spring 2010 collections. Scandinavian fluctuation, that is... Check out the Copenhagen Fashion Week TV website for video coverage of the event.

SALE |  |  29.07.09  |  send link
Sale Edith A'Gay
Image 2009|07|30 - 08|01

Edith A'Gay invites you to her sample sale starting tomorrow at noon. The sale takes place in Edith's studio in Zieglergasse 81, 1070. Get that summer dress!

DISCOURSE |  |  28.07.09  |  send link
Dressmaking World Congress
Image 2009|08|01 - 06

The World Congress of Dressmakers and Tailors will take place in the beautiful festival town Salzburg in early August. Guild members from all over the world will come and talk about the trade. The entry fee of 580 € isn't jucier than what you usually have to pay for congresses and conferences - and may still be a bit too high for a younger audience. To enable them to watch the fashion shows that will take place, the upper galleries of the congress building will be open to the public. More info and the exact schedule here.

EDUCATION |  |  27.07.09  |  send link
Fashion summer schedule
Image Get out yer notebooks, diligent boys and girls - here come the most important dates for the summer schedule leading up to the qualifying exams for Vienna's academic fashion institutes.

Fashion Masterclass at the Uni of Applied Arts:
August 10 + 11, 10 am - 4 pm:
Hermann Fankhauser gives valuable portfolio advice and helps you understand what's hot and what's not... For info write to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
September 15 + 16, 10 am - 4 pm:
Deadline for the submission of portfolio candidatures
September 18:
At 9.30 am a list of the candidates for the qualifying examination will be published in the university hall.
September 18 - 20, 10 am - 6 pm:
The qualifying exam takes place in the facilities of Modeklasse.

Bachelor Course at Hetzendorf Fashion Institute:
September 24 + 25:
Qualifying exam for the 1st year under the new creative direction of _fabrics interseason.
Check the website for contact emails for portfolio reviews during the summer months.

Fashion and styles at the Academy of Fine Arts:
September 18, 9 am - 7 pm:
deadline for submission of portfolios
September 22 - 24:
qualifying exams

Until then, have a great summer!

EXHIBITION |  |  25.07.09  |  send link
I do my little turn on the catwalk...
Image Right said Fred? Probably so, indeed indeed. But what catapults us into musings about the catwalk is the exhibition that is due to open tomorrow in Dusseldorf's Cultural and Scientific Forum: "Catwalks. The most spectacular fashion shows". The exhition was put together with help from the editor-in-chief of VOGUE Germany, Christiane Arp (just a notch short of Carine and Anna, then...). And is for sure an interesting thing. The openin takes place as CPD Dusseldorf Fashion Week kicks off.

open July 26 through November 1st

EXHIBITION |  |  24.07.09  |  send link
Hempt, HÄMD, Hemnd, pt. 2
Image Sorry everybody - almost an oversight... Must be because of the summerly heat! Anyway, then, the second part of the exhibition put together by the University of Applied Arts' very own group MODEBAU is on in Vienna's Looshaus. And continues the reflection about the man's shirt in all its variations. Open until July 31.

DESIGNER |  |  24.07.09  |  send link
Austrian Fashion Guide # 05
Image All Austrian fashion designers who will be present in Paris during womenswear week in October and want to be part of the 5th issue of the Austrian Fashion Guide to be released during the semaine de la mode are asked to contact plastic media until July 29 latest. Write to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and you will receive interview questions and further instructions. All designers who were present in past editions of the guide are asked to review their last entry and let the editorial team know which changes are to be applied.

EVENT |  |  23.07.09  |  send link
Cinéma photographique
Image 2009|07|25

Michael Dürr opens the next session of his phantastic "cinéma photographique" series. This time round, fashion cinéastes are invited to the glamorous setting of Vienna's Planetarium club . The screening will be accompanied by Michael's favourite summer songs. The weekend is saved...

COMPETITION |  |  22.07.09  |  send link
Les cravates par Hermès
Image Into ties? Into graphic design? Into French luxury brands? All preliminary conditions are met, and you may now submit your designs for the tie-revamping competition organised by Hermès and Designboom. The lines are open until August 5. All necessary information here.

FESTIVAL |  |  21.07.09  |  send link
Designers' Open
Image The design festival Designers' Open will take place in Leipzig from October 23 - 25. A bit early we are with our announcement, you find? Always ahead of the rest, we say... And: submissions for participation are accepted until July 31, the list of approved participants will be published on August 15. What a great chance to rock one of the GDR's architectural landmarks - Leipzig's main post office.

SHOP |  |  20.07.09  |  send link
Designers Against AIDS Online Shop
Image Going shopping, doing good, staying at home: three birds, one stone with the recently opened Designers Against AIDS online shop. There you'll find t-shirts and underwear designed exclusively for DAA (so no H&M styles, ladies and gents...), for example by the S.F. fashion duo Nice Collective, Dutch couturier Percy Irausquin AND graphic artist Paul Snowden.

By purchasing these items you will be supporting the creation of the International HIV/AIDS Awareness Education Center (IHAEC) in Antwerp, Belgium, which aims to inspire and teach young people to raise awareness in their own country of origin.

You'll probably find the shipping costs slightly exaggerated (10 € for a 32 € Paul Snwoden men's tee, ouch!...), but maybe supportive fashionistas can form shopping communities and place collective orders? Just a suggestion...

BLOG |  |  19.07.09  |  send link
Image Do remember to include a quick trip to our blog on as part of your weekend breakfast schedule, will ya?

EXHIBITION |  |  18.07.09  |  send link
Fashion & politics
Image Michelle Obama brought the issue onto the pages of all glossy magazines earlier this year. But the link between fashion & politics or power is of course one that can be documented throughout the centuries. And that's actually what the exhibition "Fashion & Politics" put together by the IFT in NY City does - "a chronological exploration of over 200 years of politics as expressed through fashion". Rudi Gernreich's monokini is also part of the show - as a very important contribution to the discussion of gender and the emancipation of women. Should anybody out there be crazy enough to plan a summer trip to the city that never sleeps...

Open until November 7

SHOP |  |  17.07.09  |  send link
Combinat guest designers July
Image Guest artists, guest designers, guest stars - guests whereever you look: what a hospitable time we live in... Anyhow, Combinat showcases two invited labels in July - a good occasion to escape the summerly heat and check out the collections of Göttin des Glück s and House of Boing.

EXHIBITION |  |  16.07.09  |  send link
Baudelaire & the streets of Vienna
Image Whilst we have every reason to believe that a great number of our readers already know all about this project - and indeed, they may even be part of it -, we would still like to make sure that noone out there doesn't know what's coming up: the Vienna Fashion Observatory is an exhibition project realised for Freiraum/quartier 21 and brings together Baudelaire's thoughts on 1850s Paris and today's fashion blogs. Or something of the kind.

Many of our friends as well as some international blogging star(let)s are invited to contribute their perception of Viennese fashion streetlife. It will be interesting to see how this project will be translated into the exhibition space. Interesting side effect: bloggers becoming part of artist-residency programmes. Is that the ultimate consecration?

Opens tomorrow night in Freiraum/quartier 21 - MQ - Museumsplatz, 1070 at 7 pm

CAMPAIGN |  |  15.07.09  |  send link
Red Cross & Pierre Lang
Image The International Red Cross celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2009 with international events and special collaborations going on throughout the year.  The Austrian jewellery manufacturer Pierre Lang has created a special necklace and pendant that not only represents the form of the Red Cross, 3 € per sold item benefit the international organization. Good looks for a good cause.

EXHIBITION |  |  14.07.09  |  send link
Martin Stöbich & Julia Knogler @W?ATF
Image No summer break yet: Martin Stöbich and Julia Knogler (who we already introduced to our readers) have got a photo exhibition at W?ATF in Vienna's 7th district (Siebensterngasse 52). Open throughout July.

MAGAZINE |  |  13.07.09  |  send link
Summerly feelings
Image LOVE, what else. Another thing that kept Berlin hopin' and swingin': the launch of "I Love You Magazine", the Germian version (apparently there is already a Russian one). Something to watch out for when new magazine launches are less frequent than old titles disappearing, actually. An editorial features beautiful Anna Korzun photographed by Kate Bellm. We are eager to see more of that in the future. In the meantime, check out the magazine's website for some truly emotional confessions.