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EVENT |  |  31.07.10  |  send link
5! to go

Image While the staff of AUSTRIANFASHION.NET will take a little break in August, the series of fashion events curated by Mario Soldo for Generali Centre will go on. 8! weeks of photo shoots and fashion shows, five remaining.

#4: Aug 2 - 7, Daria Kostenko vs. Sia Kermani
#5: Aug 9 - 14, Isabella Meus vs. Wolfgang Steiner
#6: Aug 16 - 21, Shakkei / Johann Bernhard vs. Philipp Moser
#7: Aug 23 - 28, Fulani vs. Pascale Jean-Louis
#8: Aug 30 - Sep 4, Kostümhaus vs. Alexandra Hager

Vienna's 2nd Fashion:Mob will take place on Sept 3 as part of the last of 8! weeks.

Constant updates and details via Facebook events.

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VIENNA vs LONDON via Twitter
Image If you don't already, make sure you start following us on TWITTER right now.

AUSTRIANFASHION.NET will relocate to London for a special summer stint - our tweets will keep you up to date.

WEB |  |  31.07.10  |  send link
Image Even though you may not necessarily find us roaming the beaches of this world in Gernreich monokinis (we'll leave that part to Peggy Moffitt), the staff of AUSTRIANFASHION.NET take a little summer break.

Our daily news feed as well as the article section will relaunch on September 1st.

We will, however, continue to blog on - so make sure to join us there.

See you in September, have a wonderful and relaxing August.

EXHIBITION |  |  30.07.10  |  send link
SAND PEOPLE @ Diesel/Vienna
Image Just in: talented fashion photographer Andreas Waldschütz is the first Austrian visual wizzard to be exhibited in Vienna's Diesel store on Kohlmarkt.

Andreas shows his Sand People project, which already gained him quite some attention earlier this year. To put together Sand People, he collaborated with Not Just A Label and worked with clothes by designers promoted by NJAL.

Your chance to add a little extra touch to your window shopping experience.

EVENT |  |  30.07.10  |  send link
Christina Berger's radical costume
Image 2010|08|04

It's still a bit vague, but apparently, Carinthian-born fashion designer Christina Berger will contribute to the programme of this year's Villach-kermis (that's "Villacher Kirchtag" , a summer highlight in the Southern part of Austria).

Christina is expected to present her "radical" interpretation of traditional costumes from the Gailtal-region. And with Christina, "radical" means radical, no doubt about that.

Please consult Christina's company profile on Facebook for updates and details.

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Lisa Walde - shop opening
Image 2010|07|28

Tonight in Innsbruck: Tyrol-based designer Lisa Walde will open her first signature shop tonight.

The shop opening coincides with the presentation of Lisa's collection of bags and accessories.

Special treat: Robert Rotifer will rock the house. Starts at 6 pm, Innstraße 23.

EVENT |  |  27.07.10  |  send link
Jürgen Fux photo exhibition

Image 2010|08|04

A one-off performance exhibition event with photo work by Austrian photographer Jürgen Fux will open on August 4 in Kavalierhaus Klessheim/Salzburg on the grounds of Klessheim Palace.

Basically, that's a tip for all the visitors of Salzburg festival among our readers. The opening starts at 7 pm, a very special part of the programme will consist in a fashion show performed by cows (!?). 

EVENT |  |  27.07.10  |  send link
We'll STITCH again
Image 2010|07|30

After two and a half months powered by the Slow Fashion dreams of Moriz and Michael aka the "Stitch Brothers", it's time to part. For now. Before the two fabulous denim-makers close down their temporary beta-store, a farewell party will take place in the ausstellungsraum-premises on July 30, starting at 8.30 pm. We're sure that this is not the end...

EVENT |  |  26.07.10  |  send link
Weekly update: 4th of 8!

Image 2010|07|26 - 31

Holy moly - while others are preparing for their much awaited summer vacation, Mario Soldo keeps working hard to pimp the fashion profile of Vienna's Generali Centre shopping mall.

The opening of the fourth of 8! weeks will take place tonight, sporting fashion by Robert Schermann and Brigitte Mair alongside photographs by Julian Laidig. At the turntables: Mario Soldo himself.

Programme details:
opening tonight at 7 pm / photo shoot on July 29 from 9 am to 6 pm / fashion show on July 30, starts at 7 pm / designer sale on July 31 from noon to 6 pm.

EXHIBITION |  |  26.07.10  |  send link
Time for a BATH
Image continues throughout 2010

Okay, that wasn't a very brilliant pun. Anyhow, check out the Fashion Museum in Bath's Assembly Rooms if you're interested in the "Turn of the Century" overview of styles.

Special feature: a total of 20 outfits was recently donated to the museum by Helmut Lang, all of them are on display in this exhibition.

Time for a Bath after all?

MAGAZINE |  |  24.07.10  |  send link
The Wild Magazine
Image Weekend reading out now - for all ipad and smartphone users this is potential beach reading material - the Wild magazine is a new online only magazine (one of those scroll through fully layouted ones), and it's out now.

Why not have a look. Theoretically, Wild is a quarterly magazine with, so we're told, regularly updated contents. Like.

FILM TV |  |  23.07.10  |  send link
Life in a day

This is your unique chance of being part of a one-off project: 24 h of life lived by YouTube users captured in a video that will be compiled from your contributions. Feel like contributing? Click here.

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The Joy of Machine Knitting
Image 2010|09|03 - 05

What a shock, you'll say when reading the dates of this event. But as we'll take a little break in August and would absolutely like you to know about this, well, a little hint at what will be going on in early September:

Veronika Persché invites you to take part in her workshop where she'll explore the joy and pleasure of machine knitting. More info about registration and fees can be found here.

EVENT |  |  22.07.10  |  send link
Weavers' Market / Haslach
Image 2010|07|24 - 25

A part of this year's programme that accompanies the Textile Forum in Haslach, a weavers' market will take place this weekend. Weavers, designers and artisans from various countries, a total of over 90 of them, will present and sell their unique products.

A great occasion to catch up with new facets of what's generally being called "Slow Fashion". More information can be found on this website.

SHOP |  |  21.07.10  |  send link
Summer Striptease
Image until August 31

Since she is an original person and always good for a joke, it's only too just that Lena Hoschek calls her summer sale a "striptease". Why not, it's about getting rid of extra clothes, and extra pocket money.

The sale lasts until the end of August in Lena's Vienna and Graz-based shops. More info here and here.

CAMPAIGN |  |  20.07.10  |  send link
Image 2010|07|21

Kiss someone you love and be part of a special contribution to the battle against AIDS and HIV. Everyone is invited to come to Vienna's Belvedere gardens tomorrow evening at 6 pm and be part of a living red ribbon of countless people who kiss someone they love. Numerous Austrian celebrities support the event.

Fashion special: the official Kiss@Belvedere t-shirt designed by La Hong will be given to the first 1000 participants.

Register online. Click here.

DISCOURSE |  |  19.07.10  |  send link
Designers Against AIDS
Image Last minute notification!

Tonight at quartier21 in Vienna - Belgian designer Steffi Tisson will talk about her work for Designers Against AIDS, about past and future projects.

Starts at 7 pm in the Freiraum exhibition venue.

EVENT |  |  19.07.10  |  send link
Gina Drewes & Bernhard Musil in 8!

Image The second of "8! Weeks" starts today, and with another bang. Generali Center on Vienna's Mariahilferstraße is the place to be for all heat-resistant fashionistas in town.

Fashion designer Gina Drewes and photographer Bernhard Musil team up - and the result is a week packed with fashion events thanks to "mother" Mario Soldo:

opening: July 19, 7 pm
public photo shoot: July 22, 9 am to 8 pm
fashion show: July 23, 7 pm
designer sale: July 24, 12 noon to 6 pm

SHOP |  |  17.07.10  |  send link
Wubet summer sale
Image until 2010|07|31

If you haven't paid Arnold Haas a visit in the Wubet flagship store until now, this is a very good opportunity: the Wubet summer sale is on and continues until July 31.

For a combined shopping and swimming excursion, bear in mind that Praterstraße is really on your way to the shores of river Danube.

EXHIBITION |  |  16.07.10  |  send link
Learning and growing

Image 2010|07|17 - 09|19

Life isn't only about fashion, as we all know, and the summerly fashion scene is a bit scarce. Anyhow, since we strongly recommend our readers to widen their field of interest, here comes an exhibition tip of the other kind:

"The governess and her noble fruits" is an exhibition curated by Ursula Hübner for Harmannsdorf Castle in Lower Austria. The show sheds light on the life of Nobel Prize winner Bertha von Suttner as a governess in Harmannsdorf Castle and thematises growth and learning processes in general. Information here and here.

EVENT |  |  15.07.10  |  send link
Life Ball 2010
Image 2010|07|17

You can say what you want - but Vienna's number one AIDS charity gala is at the same time its number one society event. State Opera ball okay, but Life Ball really attracts international celebrities.

Even if you're among the happy (relatively) few who secured their tickets on time (Life Ball is traditionally sold out very quickly), you will be able to dive into the stylish world of Life Ball during the opening ceremony that takes place outside Vienna's City Hall.

Fashion galore, as American designers Diane von Fürstenberg, Kenneth Cole and Calvin Klein will give their best to entertain the crowd. See you there!

COMPETITION |  |  14.07.10  |  send link
International Talent Support # 09
Image 2010|07|16 - 17

The ninth edition of the quite remarkable "International Talent Support" competition, which takes place in Trieste/Italy and is powered by Diesel, will showcase fresh fashion and photography blood from July 16 - 17.

Check their website for programme information - or simply "like" them on Facebook.