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BOOK |  |  30.09.10  |  send link
New Vienna Now
Image 2010|10|01

A wonderful new "design bible" that beckons out to the entire range of creative industries in Vienna will be presented to the public on October 1st, "New Vienna Now" is published by departure , with numerous contributions by specialists and renowned writers who look at fashion, design, architecture, music and many more disciplines.

New York-based graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister was invited to oversee the publication as its creative director. He will be in Vienna for the presentation and host a design talk that will look at the interesting question "Design, why?" (Oct. 1st, starts at 7 pm in k/hauskino, Akademiestraße 13, 1010).

Well, why indeed? We'll soon find out

FESTIVAL |  |  29.09.10  |  send link
Vienna Design Week
Image 2010|10|01 - 10|10

In fashion and design terms, a week need not consist of seven days and thereby represent a week as we know it from the calendar. The local fashion week which took place a week ago lasted for five days, whereas Vienna Design Week, which is about to start, will last a total of 10 days.

Enough time for a really interesting and ambitious programme, which you can find online on this website.

EVENT |  |  28.09.10  |  send link
Semaine du Prêt-à-porter
Image 2010|09|22 - 10|06

Paris Fashion Week starts today (with some minor presentations, editors *do* have to get from Milan to Paris somehow, don't they...) and continues until October 6.

The official online schedule published by the Fédération française du prêt-à-porter is online here, and for information concerning Austrian designers, you have already downloaded the Austrian Fashion Guide, haven't you?

WEB |  |  27.09.10  |  send link
Résiste !
Image 2010|09|28 - 2011|01|05

The online project "100 Days of Active Resistance " is powered by Lee Jeans and Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, and it is all about making your point.

"The principal idea of Active Resistance is that you get out of life what you put in and that real experience of the world involves thinking", says Vivienne Westwood herself.

From all submissions (images, drawings, writing...), 100 pieces will be selected and uploaded to an online gallery day after day after day. When the online project is finished, the exhibition will start touring the world.

Check out the 100 Days homepage and Active Resistance itself.

BOOK |  |  26.09.10  |  send link
Functional Aesthetics
Image Stephanie Seymour's second book is about to be released (published by Springer) - "Functional Aesthetics" is dedicated to the topic that is so dear to Mrs Seymour, the intersections of design and function.

Do also read the article which we dedicated to her work on the occasion of her first book publication.

EXHIBITION |  |  25.09.10  |  send link
Po russki!
Image 2010|09|25 - 2011|01|09

Another wonderful exhibition opens today at London's Victoria & Albert museum: "Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes" sheds light on an extraordinary episode in 20th century performance culture, which also had a very important impact on fashion.

We recommend!

DISCOURSE |  |  23.09.10  |  send link
Fashioncamp VIE
Image 2010|09|25

Vienna's first ever independently organised FashionCamp will take place on Sept 25 from 10 am to 6.30 pm in MuMoK.

Familiarise yourself with the basic set of rules that needs to be respected in every barcamp context - and if you think that this is YOUR cup of tea, feel free to take part...

EVENT |  |  22.09.10  |  send link
Dress to Express
Image 2010|09|23

A special fashion show dedicated to the fight against HIV/AIDS will take place on Sept 23 in Vienna's Le Méridien hotel, starting at 8 pm.

Fashion by new labels such as Camou, Karma Drama, Zoe Phobic, 8785 minarikschermann and Kubyk & Krass will be shown. The event will also feature special performances by Edgar Retro and Tamara Mascara...).

Entrance fee: 9 euros, pre-sale 7 euros.

EVENT |  |  22.09.10  |  send link
MIlano Moda Donna
Image 2010|09|22 - 28

Sìììì - Milano Moda Donna is on from September 22 to 28. For all the international fashion hoppers among you.

Notoriously, Milan is a bit less virtual than London, but it's confirmed that Gucci (sign in for virtual invitation!) and possibly also Dolce & Gabbana will stream their fashion shows live.

Buon divertimento!

EXHIBITION |  |  21.09.10  |  send link
Dernier Cri seen by Michael Dürr
Image 2009|09|22 - 26

Part of the side programme of MQ Vienna Fashion Week, the photo exhibition "Dernier Cri by Michael Dürr" will be presented to visitors.

A little gala event will take place on Sept 23 at 9.30 pm in quartier27/Freiraum.

FESTIVAL |  |  20.09.10  |  send link
MQ Vienna Fashion Week
Image 2010|09|22 - 26

The second edition of MQ Vienna Fashion Week is about to start. Shows by Austrian designers will be hosted as well as appearances by international labels. Guest star Agatha Ruiz de la Prada will open the event (the show is for invited guests only). All other shows can be visited by ticketholders.

For the show schedule and other useful information, click here.

EVENT |  |  20.09.10  |  send link
Austrian Media Days
Image 2010|09|21 - 23

An important event for all media addicts and media theoreticians alike: the 2010 Austrian Media Days/Österreichische Medientage will kick off tomorrow.

Particularly interesting from our web-based perspective: online publishing wizzard Jeff Jarvis will be in Vienna on September 22. And look forward to the online media day with more international speakers and experts on September 23.

COMPETITION |  |  19.09.10  |  send link
Austria 10
Image Preparations for this year's edition of the "Austrian of the Year" competition have started, and the nominees in the "Creative Industries" category have been introduced to the Austrian public - designer Ute Ploier represents the domain of fashion, more information and the online voting can be found here.

EVENT |  |  18.09.10  |  send link
Designers & Agents, NYC
Image 2010|09|20 - 22

And even more New York fashion flair - three Austrian labels, i.e. Florian Jewelry, rosa mosa and Rose Beck, will take part in the upcoming edition of Designers & Agents .

The New York-appearance of these labels is an initiative of Wien Products .

MAGAZINE |  |  18.09.10  |  send link
Circus Bookazine
Image Goodness - is it a book? is it a magazine? What...?

Our weekend reading tip: the bloggers' bookazine Circus, whose first issue just came out. An exciting new initiative, we're sure, and we woul particularly like to recommend it as texts by regular AUSTRIANFASHION.NET contributors Carmen and Anne are also included. A must, practically...

EXHIBITION |  |  17.09.10  |  send link
Japan Fashion Now
Image 2010|09|17 - 2011|01|08

This new exhibition at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City - the city that never sleeps and is still abuzz with fashionistas from all over the world - will shed light on the development of Japanese fashion troughout the past few years.

EVENT |  |  16.09.10  |  send link
Wandelbar is wonderful

Image 2010|09|17 - 22

That's the way we like it - multi-faceted and (oh, the word...) interdisciplinary. The new sustainable fashion label Wandelbar, created by Julia Scharl, will be at the centre of a guerilla gardening lookbook shoot spanning various days.

The location is Urban Loritz Platz in Vienna, more details can be found here.

EVENT |  |  15.09.10  |  send link
Image 2010|09|17

Sabine Deller sent us an invitation for all our readers to the presentation and launch of ZadehLebitsch Accessories and Jewellery.

The event will take place in Sabine Deller's own jewellery studio in Rainergasse 14, 1040 - starts at 5 pm on September 17.

BLOG |  |  15.09.10  |  send link
Blickfang Blog
Image Save the date, and save it again - Blickfang is on from October 15 - 17. And to catch your look already, Blickfang blog is online since September 10 (a bit irregular for the time being, but we're sure that that's gonna change).

EXHIBITION |  |  14.09.10  |  send link
Life, a fashion film?
Image 2010|09|16 - 22

Mija T. Rosa
is the fashion label of Julia Cepp - her motto is to design "fashion for the film of life", she strives to create a timeless aesthetic, independent of changing seasons.

The exhibition "Fashion for the film of life" gives insight into her work - it opens in the cultural space ... to be continued (Lerchenfelderstraße 63, 1070) on September 16 at 8 pm and remains open until September 22 (daily from noon - 8 pm, closed on Sundays).

DESIGNER |  |  13.09.10  |  send link
Marios Schwab for Halston
Image 2010|09|13

According to Modem online, the presentation of Halston by Marios Schwab takes place tonight in NYC starting at 6.30 pm.

To get yourself in the right mood, check out the video of last season's presentation on the official Halston homepage .

EXHIBITION |  |  11.09.10  |  send link
Passion, dedication - and makeup

Image 2010|09|13

Infamous member of Vienna's society, Sergej Benedetter is now turning himself into an artist - the exhibition "Portfolio. A look back on decades of passion and dedication" celebrates Benedetter's work in 23 photographs taken by different artists especially for the occasion.

The opening takes place on September 13, starting at 8 pm (location: Moods, Schleifmühlgasse 13, 1040), the exhibition remains open until September 24.