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news archive
MAGAZINE |  |  28.11.12  |  send link
Nevertheless 05 Release

Challenging rules and creating visually striking spreads has been the magazine Nevertheless’ forte for quite some time now, and we never get tired of it. Now that the new number 5 issue is coming out, Nevertheless is holding a release party to celebrate its uniqueness and fashionable street cred, involving artists from all around, including a special guest appearance by Christoph Bucher who will be opening an exhibit at the party venue. Artsy get- togethers hardly get better than this!

1060, Esterhazygasse 11

SALE |  |  27.11.12  |  send link
Hartmann Nordenholz Sample Sale

The Austrian-German duo behind Hartmann Nordenholz excels at creating visionary and striking fashion, and if you don’t already, it’s time you get a piece of it for yourself. Be it for Christmas or just for pure pleasure, you can shop the brand at their most recent sample sale event, offering stand-out designs for tempting prices. As per usual, you also get the chance to shop for one-off pieces and already archived stock, so popping by will be definitely worth your while.

1150, Grangasse 5/4

SALE |  |  27.11.12  |  send link
We Bandits X-Mas Pop-up

We Bandits may belong to pop-up store royalty, but not without a good reason. Carrying upbeat young labels and introducing alternative international talents, the pop-up store doesn’t fail to attract a decent number of loyal visitors each time. We know you are one of them, so prepare yourself for a four-day-long X-Mas shopping outing with Scandinavian and Korean fashion, food, drinks, an exhibition and a live performance on one of the days to top it all off. Talk about stepping it up!

12:00 - 20:30
1015, Fünfhausgasse 5

SALE |  |  27.11.12  |  send link
Santa’s Selection

There is just something about the stressful pre-Christmas shopping craze that can put even a dedicated shopper off. But why struggle in the packed streets when you can get a piece of Santa’s own selection at a special pop-up store event? Offering unique and exquisite fashion, accessories and jewellery, this small market stock high-quality gifts from small designers, provides gift packaging on site and treats you to chill-out music and fine cuisine all under one roof. Miles away from the hectic hustle and bustle, this is the seasonal stylishness and serenity we were looking for.

f6 – The open factory
1060, Esterhazygasse 3

DISCOURSE |  |  27.11.12  |  send link
Costume and Fashion Collection Tour

The University of Applied Arts has organised a guided tour through its Costume and Fashion Collection, allowing for a peek into its impressive archives and stocks filled with pieces by Gertrude Höchsmann, Fred Adlmüller, as well as more recent acquisitions. Presenting visitors with the unique opportunity of getting close to otherwise hidden away pieces, the tour will also include a special restoration project of one of Oskar Kokoschka’s designs, now revealed in its new look. It’s necessary to register at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Heiligenkreuzer Hof
1010, Grashofgasse 3 oder Schönlaterngasse 5

SALE |  |  27.11.12  |  send link
Hetzendorf Christmas Bazaar

The Christmas Market rally of the year is officially on, and the Fashion College Hetzendorf is far from lagging behind. Organising a Christmas Bazaar stocked to the full with all things handmade by the students, this market is sure to bring a smile to your face. Get your hands on anything from knitwear to accessories, jewellery and other creative products, all set amidst the opulence of the state rooms at the Hetzendorf castle. There’ll be seasonal delicacies on offer, with all the proceeds going to the KINDERHOSPIZ charity, helping illness-affected children in need. After all, that’s what the Christmas spirit is all about. So who needs a better reason to join in?

1210, Hetzendorfer Straße 79

EDUCATION |  |  26.11.12  |  send link
Herbststrasse Open House
Image2012|11|30 - 2012|12|01

It’s never too late to get into what you’ve always felt passionate about, and Herbstrasse College knows this. Offering evening courses on jewellery design, the school attracts a following of dedicated students and jewellery enthusiasts each time around, and now, it could be your turn to take part. Helping you with the application decision is an Open House event organised in order to show, promote and excite visitors and prospective students. The two day event boasts of a great programme including presentations, fashion shows and workshops, so if you ever wondered if this could be the path for you, come and see!

1160, Herbststrasse 104

EVENT |  |  25.11.12  |  send link
MQ Designmarkt
Image2012|11|30 - 2012|12|01

Picking out just one event from the MQ Winter calendar can be tough, but the WeihnachtsQuartier is a sure favourite. Involving over 100 international designers, the market sets out to promote current trends, developments and innovations from the various fields of fashion, jewellery, interior and product design. Discovering out-of-the-ordinary pieces as well as the exceptional talents who stand behind their creation is what this is all about, and we know you won’t be leaving empty handed. Buying gifts has never been simpler or more inspiring, and doing it all under one roof without stepping into the freezing cold is a welcomed bonus!

freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL
Arena21, Ovalhalle
Museumsplatz 1
1070 Wien

SALE |  |  25.11.12  |  send link
A & C Christmas Specials
Image2012|11|30 - 2012|12|01

The first weekend of the Advent promises to be a good one, with Awareness & Consciousness holding a Christmas Specials event. Made from organic cotton, pieces from A&C’s second line called BASIC include accessories, bags, scarves and more, so if you yearn for that good feeling of an ecological yet stylish purchase, this is your shopping spot. Also offering designs from the main collection, and from seasons past and present, this Christmas Specials happening will have you sorted for all those special gifts for you and your close ones. With mulled wine and biscuits on the side, who could ask for more?

A&C Atelier
1150, Goldschlagstrasse 8

SHOP |  |  21.11.12  |  send link
2wei Pop-Up Store

2wei is the brainchild of two Hetzendorf students by the names Eva Zar and Benedikt Muxel, and it is a label you want to take a note of. Presenting their first collection in pop-up store style, 2wei is inviting you to come look at and shop the handmade in Austria pieces, each reflective of the many faces of Viennese life. The collection is limited to a small number of designs, so be there first to avoid disappointment later. The opening night of the pop-up also features a performance and a DJ set, so don’t wait a minute!

Opening performance: 23rd November, 19:30
1070, Westbahnstraße 20/4

DESIGNER |  |  19.11.12  |  send link
departure Fashion Tour

Vienna Art Week 2012 has officially began, and included in the week-long programme of exhibition openings, talks and open days is a departure initiated event calling to attention all fashion enthusiasts and budding designers. The departure CEO Bettina Leidl will be conduction a Fashion Tour of the ateliers of fashion designers Anna Aichinger, Gebrüder Stitch, Florian Ladstätter and superated, allowing all the participants into the backstages of the Vienna fashion scene. Whether out of pure curiosity or thirst for creative inspiration, we suggest you sign up This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for the tour while you can. Places are limited so don’t waste a minute!

DISCOURSE |  |  13.11.12  |  send link
Beyond Fashion Summit 2012
Image2012|11|15 - 16

Berlin is becoming a fixture when it comes to visionary and ecological innovations, and events such as the Beyond Fashion Summit make this so. Filled with conferences, workshops and talks, this two day conference is all about bringing in new technologies into fashion, and inspiring an ecological dialogue with the various industries involved. This year’s theme- Hypernature, promises to tackle issues such as sustainable or digital change within the business and will serve as the ideal place for communication and connection building for the fashion companies. Igniting interest and making ground for positive change are never wrong aims to go by!

Lückenwalder Strasse 4-6

COMPETITION |  |  13.11.12  |  send link
Hyères Call for Entries
Image The annual spring International Festival of Fashion and Photography taking place in the idyllic south of France has helped establish some of the most prominent names and brands of the fashion and photography industry today. Already in its 28th edition this spring, the influential festival is calling for all entries within the fashion design and photography sphere. A distinguished jury will be judging the submitted works, and many more industry authorities are set to view weight in, so if it’s exposure you seek, it’s exposure you will get. Sign up until the 26th November and continue on to upload your portfolios and supporting documents in order to partake. Make a leap of faith and you never know!

SHOW |  |  12.11.12  |  send link
Lifestyle Event Flandern

Belgian fashion has been catapulted to international fame thanks to the famous Six of Antwerp, but ever since, many young and noteworthy talents have joined the stage. Flanders Fashion Institute has been invited to present the collections of Flemish talents in Vienna during a lifestyle event organised by Tourism Flanders, and the works of the young designers Sofie Claes and Tom Van der Borght have been selected to be displayed during the two fashion shows of the evening. Fitting in perfectly with the other presentations of the Flemish culture that night, the designers are sure doing a great job at showcasing what Belgium has up its creative sleeve! Only by invitation!

COMPETITION |  |  11.11.12  |  send link
The Global Skin Competition
ImageDeveloped by The Centre for Storytelling, The Global Skin project focuses on audio-visual storytelling unified under the theme People & Textile. This worldwide project, promoting internationality in the new media and striving to involve as many various artists and students as possible, is already accepting submissions for this year’s competition. Anything from essays, videos, images or other creative outlets is welcome, so get creating and uploading for your chance to win great prizes, as well as have your piece appear in a feature film composed of the selected entries.
Deadline for submission 30th November

SALE |  |  07.11.12  |  send link
X-Mas Designer Shopping
Image2012|11|08 - 10

It’s always the season to treat yourself to some gifts, and even though Christmas might still be out of your radar, we suggest you go shopping anyway. After all, when an opportunity such as the X-Mas Designer Sale presents itself, why not jump right on it? Put on by Creative Headz, this shopping event is bringing together the must-have sample-collection pieces from brands such as Pitour, Tiberius, Elke Freytag, Rose Beck, Callisti and many more. So go on and make yourself a present!

Thursday 16:00 - 21:00
Friday 14:00 - 20:00
Saturday 12:00 - 18:00

1060, Gumpendorfer Strasse 36

DESIGNER |  |  06.11.12  |  send link
Salon Susanne Bisovsky
Image2012|11|10 - 11

We have somewhat of a soft spot for anything Susanne Bisovsky puts her hands on and her mind to, and with her latest venture, it’s no different. Her autumn fashion salon, filled with the latest in ready-to-wear, shoes and accessories. Vienna Chic is the name this one-off salon, and we bet that’s exactly how you will look after shopping there. It’s neccessary to confirm your participation, so drop an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and start dreaming up your new wardrobe!

EXHIBITION |  |  05.11.12  |  send link
Contemporary Necklaces from the MAK Collection
Image2012|11|06 - 2013|02|10

Complementing the Long Night of Jewellery art is a new MAK exhibit spotlighting necklace jewellery all the way from the 1970s to today. Presenting the necklace as an art form in itself, along with its many creative and artistic facets and challenges, the exhibition is set to explore the unconventional, and out of the ordinary. Showing the vast diversity of approaches, materials and concepts used for the creation of such items, the works by the designers such as Susanne Hammer, Florian Ladstätter, Fritz Maierhofer or Andrea Maxa Halmschlager as well as by many other international designers, will have you convinced that there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to necklaces.

MAK-Studiensammlung Metall
1010, Stubenring 5

SALE |  |  05.11.12  |  send link
Angewandte Sample Sale

The fashion department of the University of Applied Arts is opening up its doors to all those eager shoppers and fashion enthusiast in town for a sample sale event. Famed for their innovative techniques, materials and desgins, the fashion students may be a long way off from being household names, but their works often prove otherwise. If standing out from the crowd with an identity piece is what you are after, this is the best place to stock up on some impressively unique pieces. Be brave and bold this winter!

University of Applied Arts
1010, Oskar Kokoschka Platz 2

EVENT |  |  04.11.12  |  send link
The Long Night of Jewellery

For a city of so many small and independent jewellery workshops, Vienna sure is keeping its jewellery talents well under the radar. Opening up their doors to a larger public for the 5th annual Long Night of Jewellery, the ateliers are inviting everyone to join in, discover one-of-a-kind creative adornments and chit-chat with true connoisseurs of the art for one night. Involving countless jewellery shops and designers all around town, this event gives bar-hopping a run for its money. So put on your walking shoes and make a night out of it!

17:00 - 24:00