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MAGAZINE |  |  29.02.12  |  send link
Faux Fox Magazine Release Party

Magazines are an always reliable source of inspiration and that’s why we all love them. It’s also why we can never get enough of them, which is a fact the people behind the new magazine Faux Fox know more than well. Reporting on anything and everything from fashion, photography, literature, film and music to visual, digital and culinary arts. To celebrate its grandiose inauguration into the world, a release party will take place, packed full with all the talents behind the new publication, as well as special guests. Wear your best and you will fit right in!

Start: 20:30
Club LVL7
1070, Lerchenfeldestrasse 35

EXHIBITION |  |  28.02.12  |  send link
Innovative Surfaces
Image2012|02|28 - 03|18

Innovative surfaces are having their moment. No longer just naturally derived and ready to be handled, surfaces are undergoing a revolution and are very fast becoming a phenomenon in their own right. DesignAustria along with the designforum Wien are presenting a show focusing entirely on the role which innovative surfaces have to play in today’s world and present them in a light that uncovers the sensuality and care that goes into their production. The 100 surfaces on display will surely spark your enthusiasm, so don’t forget to pick up the International Surface Yearbook to flick through at home. The exhibit opens tonight!

1070, Museumsplatz 1

EVENT |  |  26.02.12  |  send link
Austrians @ Paris Fashion Week

Being the last city on the long fashion marathon schedule, Paris certainly doesn’t show any signs of fatigue. Promising unrivalled elegance, spectacular shows and exceptional craftwork. For some Austrian design talents, watch out for the presentations of these fashion and accessories labels: art point, Sonja Bischur, Eva Blut, FLorian, Hartmann Nordenholz, Mark&Julia, Michel Mayer, Mühlbauer, Natures of Conflict, Petar Petrov, rosa mosa, Rose Beck, Schella Kann, superated, Steinwidder and Wubet.
Make your appointments.

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Premiere Classe
Modem Online

SHOW |  |  23.02.12  |  send link
Viennese Accessory in Milan

Presented by Wien Products and within the frame of the Milan White shows and exhibits, presenting hundreds of exhibitors each time around, the Viennese labels Rosa Mosa, FLorian and Mühlbauer will be immersed in the fashion rollercoaster once again. Giving an opportunity to various international talents, the many showrooms, shows and exhibits on the schedule of White are meant to promote fashion and accessory design, opening the doors to many bright designers. Florian’s stunning jewels, Rosa Mosa’s artisan designs and Mühlbauer’s renowned hats will surely leave no buyer or journalist short of praise.

Via Tortona 27-54
20144 Milano

EVENT |  |  22.02.12  |  send link
Vintage Flea Market
Image2012|02|25 - 26

We all love nothing more than an original and exceptional piece of clothing that stand out from the crowd and has some cultural baggage attached to it. This is why vintage stores and events are always on our radar. This time, calling all vintage lovers is the Vienna Museum Vintage Flea Market, offering clothing from the personal collections of Ulla Holzbauer and Elisabeth Pichler-Campos. Expect anything elegant, funky, and above all, unusual from the fashionable decades of the 60s and 70s. What a fashionable treat!

25th & 26th February 2012, 10-18
Wien Museum
1040, Karlsplatz

SHOW |  |  22.02.12  |  send link
The Bride Thing 2012

Sunny days are not far off now and wedding dates will inevitably start springing up like flower buds soon. Planning a wedding is no easy task though, and so the Sofitel hotel has teamed up with beauty, fashion, catering and decoration professionals to bring you the ultimate event for any bride-to-be: BrautSache2012! Presentations, consultations, cocktails, and masses of inspiration are on the schedule, preparing you for the most perfect day in your life. For the first time, fashion shows will also be taking place, and knowing that brands such as Elfenkleid or Michel Mayer, amongst many others, will be showing their exquisite gowns, we doubt anyone could leave this event not having picked their dress. The wedding bells are already ringing!

Opening hours: 18:00- 22:00
Fashion shows: 19:00 and 20:00
Hotel Sofitel, 4th floor
1020, Praterstrasse 1

SALE |  |  20.02.12  |  send link
Designer Super Sale
Image2012|02|23 - 25

Surely none of us can help the occasional flight of fancy taking us to the next season where we dream about warmer days spent wearing the next hot items. Our fantasies are about to materialise though, as CreativeHeadz organise a Designer Super Sale offering selected pieces from the sample-collections of brands such as Pitour, Rose Beck, Amateur Fashion, Callisti, Marcel Ostertag, Michel Mayer, Shakkei, Elke Freytag, Peter Weisz and R! By Dominique Raffa. You can score the pieces for special prices, and if you’re lucky, you might just start building your new season wardrobe around them. Winter is almost over so let’s celebrate by a big shopping extravaganza!

1060, Gumpendorfer Strasse 36

EXHIBITION |  |  17.02.12  |  send link
Wearing Skirts
Image2012|02|18 - 2012|06|10

Getting dressed has always been a ritual with a deeper meaning, one far beyond that of simply covering the body. Clothes are, and always will be, a medium of expression and an extension of our own personalities. Looking into this intriguing nature of fashion, the ways in which it is constructed, manipulated and used to construct identity, the Museum der Moderne Salzburg has created an exhibition focusing on the way clothes are staged in contemporary photography. The exhibit includes photographs by artists including Andrea Lumplecker (Wearing Skirts) or Peter Köllerer (Architectures of Desire), as well sculptures by Erwin Wurm. The concepts of uniformity, historicism and culture in relation to clothes will also be explored, so if you’re wondering how clothes make the man, this is where you find out!

Museum der Moderne
Mönchsberg 32 

5020 Salzburg

WEB |  |  16.02.12  |  send link
London Fashion Week Online
Image2012|02|17 - 22

Would you like to see the shows of Peter Pilotto, Marios Schwab, Issa London, John Rocha and 40 more, right when they are happening? This year you can, as the London Fashion Week will be screening dozens of live shows, designer Q&As and Fash/On films all throughout the week. Log on to here in order to get all the videos you need in real time and follow the official Twitter account @LondonFashionWk for the latest #LFW news and where you will be able to ask questions and get direct responses from designers such as Anya Hindmarch or Alice Temperley. Getting to all the shows in time just got easier!

SHOW |  |  15.02.12  |  send link
Mark&Julia Fashion Show

As a part of the NENI Art Collectives, the young Viennese fashion label Mark&Julia will be showing their newest Autumn/Winter 2012 collection entitled Hybrid. Creating exquisite pieces tailored to the needs and likes of a true individual with an anti-conformist streak, the designers behind the brand have this time around decided to merge the masculine and feminine, and so present a truly ‘hybrid’ collection. Through mixing soft fluid materials such as silk with more stiff and defined ones, the garments really will have you guessing their gender group. Can’t wait!

Doors: 19:00
Show: 20:00
1020, Praterstrasse 1

EXHIBITION |  |  14.02.12  |  send link
More Passion, F**k Fashion
Image2012|02|17 - 04|01

An exhibition based around the fashion and photography focus of the Kunsthalle in Vienna, More Passion, F**k Fashion sees graphics students present their chosen works on various topics. The themes addressed are far from monotonous or ordinary, ranging from fashion hysteria to dog photography, porno-projections and more. Thought-provoking and fresh is what this exhibition promises to be and if you like being surprised and are forever looking for new talents to support and talk about, this is an exhibition made for your measure.

Kunsthalle Wien, Halle 1
1070, Museumsplatz 1

EXHIBITION |  |  12.02.12  |  send link
MUSA Beauty Contest Exhibition
Image2012|02|16 - 05|26

In cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum New York, MUSA in Vienna is putting up an exhibition entitled Beauty Contest, looking into the concept of beauty and its many interpretations. Featuring the works of numerous international artists, this collaborative exhibit strives to present beauty as a cultural phenomenon, guided not only by rigid social rules and criteria, but also by individual freedoms and points of view. The hunger for beauty is indeed in all of us, but what we see as being beautiful differs from person to person, and Beauty Contest shows exactly that!

1010, Felderstrasse 6-8

DESIGNER |  |  11.02.12  |  send link
Madames With a Mission Guest Designer

The team behind madames with a mission are super-excited to present the newest addition to their showroom: it`s the design of Katha Harrer and Michael Ellinger, the creative heads behind km/a. The brand`s upcoming collection for SS2012 has also been chosen by none other than Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana who promote the collections of young, international talents in their Spiga 2 Store in Milan.
The designs by this exciting new label are anything but conformist, which is a point proven by their newest collection constructed from 1960s parachutes and army blankets. Mixing unusual materials with a sense for individualistic fashion, unique dresses, jackets and other garments are born, ready to add that weird coolness to your closet. If there ever was a better and more fashionable way to convince us to recycle, we haven’t heard of it!

madames with a mission
1060, Barnabitengasse 6

SALE |  |  10.02.12  |  send link
Coop Design-Stock-Sale
Image2012|02|16 - 18

Even though the New Year’s sales have calmed down, you might still be able to bag a bargain to light up your cold winter days. You only have to know where to look. Three of the best designer boutiques in Vienna have teamed-up in order to bring you three days of shopping extravaganza at seriously reduced prices. At First Sight, Tiberius and Samstag-Shop are partaking in the sale event, so expect a large array of the coolest fashion in town, all there for you to choose from. What can be a better winter pick-me-up than this?

Architektur-Atelier Benda & Walles
1040, Schäffergasse 13a

WEB |  |  09.02.12  |  send link
New York Fashion Week Online
Image2012|02|09 - 16

With New York Fashion Week already underway, the fashion month has officially begun, and just because you can’t jet-set yourself to the current fashion destination, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the action. Living in the digital age that we do, live streams secure everyone a prime spot at the front row. This year, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has teamed-up with You Tube to bring you the heart of the action, streaming more than 25 of NY’s shows. Many of the labels are streaming live from their own websites, and live tweeting is of course being fired from all directions, be it magazine journalists, editors or bloggers. The Mashable website also compiled a comprehensive list of all your choices to follow on the internet, so log on to your computer and stay put for as long as you can last. It’s for fashion after all!

DISCOURSE |  |  09.02.12  |  send link
The future of the fashion system
Image2012|02|15 - 16

Operating in tandem with the four major Fashion Weeks, the Fashion Colloquia, attracting the media, industry professionals and students from all over the world were set up as a means of tackling diverse themes relevant to the fashion industry today. Consisting of debates and discussions, high-power names from designer houses, academic institutions and the press will be taking part, making this a vital discussion hub meant to improve the ever-growing industry. The Italian session, spread over two days, will involve round-table discussions on topics such as time versus creativity, fashion week calendar system or new professions in the fashion industry. This is where the future of the Fashion Weeks is being written!

Registration for the livestream is now open
Future of the fashion weeks
Future of the fashion system

Domus Academy
Via Pichi 18

COMPETITION |  |  08.02.12  |  send link
Designer for Tomorrow Call

For the first time, the fashion talent award Designer for Tomorrow hosted by Marc Jacobs is seeking
design talent throughout Europe. The special thing about the award is the ongoing and individual support provided to the newcomers by the personal involvement of the patron, Marc Jacobs. The world renowned expert jury will be choosing a winner who will get a high profile fashion show at the Mercedez-Benz Berlin Fashion Week.
February 29th marks the deadline for the application, so if you think you have what it takes and you are ready for a fierce fashion battle, sign yourself up!

COMPETITION |  |  06.02.12  |  send link
Ringstrassen-Galerien Designer Award 2012
Image A fashion design award that is surely on the schedule of most Austrian fashion fans and experts is the Ringstrassen-Galerien Award. Taking place for the ninth time, the theme of this year’s show is Red Carpet meets GlamRock. Applicants are asked to present one whole outfit merging the elegant feel of a red carpet event, infused with some serious kick-ass rock attitude. Everyone is however free to interpret this in their own way and naturally bring in a whole lot of creative individualism into the awards show. The winner takes it all, including a financial prize, as well as an And_i designed award and a magazine spread. So pick up your sketchbooks and get cracking!

Deadline: 20th February 2012
Awards: 18th April 2012, 20:00

EDUCATION |  |  04.02.12  |  send link
Fashion Net Education Center Düsseldorf

The Fashion Net Education Center event is taking place for the second time, and it is bigger and better than ever. Sure to attract all fashion enthusiasts, this whole day event will consist of interesting discussions and talks on the fashion business today, shedding some light on the complicated universe of the fashion industry. The thematic focus this year is Asian Roots and international guest speakers will be giving presentations and answering questions on the topic. Creative showrooms and films from the German Fashion Film Awards are also on the schedule, as is the haute-couture fashion show by the Austrian designer Susanne Bisovsky, presented for the first time ever on German ground. Expect no less than an incredible fashion day out!

Elisabethstrasse 84

DISCOURSE |  |  03.02.12  |  send link
Frontrow Revolution 2.0
Image2012|02|04 - 07

The media industry in never static, and the last couple of years have proven this to be more true than ever. The industry has gone through a revolution, and we are now constantly exposed to and influenced by the new social media. The fashion world, forever entwined with the media, has seen an exlosion of bloggers who started off on the internet and made their way to the real world. Encompasing and trying to explain and make clearer this transition is the student lounge called Frontrow Revolution- Fashion Journalism 2.0, by using multimedia and interactive approach to show visitors the current face of the fashion world. Featuring instant street-style photography, a virtual catwalk and a whole lot of information, everyone will learn something new here!

Daily: 11:00-20:00
NRW-Forum Kultur und Wirtschaft
Düsseldorf, Ehrenhof 2

EDUCATION |  |  02.02.12  |  send link
Image2012|02|03 - 03|18

As part of the opening of the most recent Bank Austria art exhibition BODY.ACTION COLLECTED 2, focusing on the early 1960s in Vienna, The Gap magazine brings you an unforgettable party night to remember, inaugurating the one-off exhibit. The exhibition includes works by artists such as Günter Brus, Valie Export or Rudolf Schwarzkogler, all pioneers of expressionist abstractism, inspired by the concept of the body in action. During the party, a DJ line-up of Anna Leiser (sound:frame AV, bebop rodeo) and Felix Fuhrberg (365foxhouse, F.U.C. Berlin) will keep you dancing all night, and with all the art around you, we doubt you can top this party!

Party: 2nd February 2012, 20:00
Bank Austria Kunstforum
1010, Freyung 8

EVENT |  |  02.02.12  |  send link
Pia Mia Fashion Show

Warmer temperatures seem further than ever at this moment, but we know what could warm you up. The wonderfully simple and chic Viennese brand Pia Mia is set to present its crispy new spring/summer 2012 collection in a fashion show that will be like a breath of warm summer breeze through our icy cold winter. Expect a true sunshine drenched atmosphere and stunning pieces you wish you could already wear. A winter escape to the tropics is the only way we see it!

Door: 7pm
Show: 8pm
Projektraum im WUK
1090, Währingerstraße 59