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news archive
PERFORMANCE |  |  26.07.12  |  send link
Madonna Now Performance

It’s not often we get to experience a truly unconventional collision of ideas transformed into a conceptual show, so we are really excited for the performance by Gyula Fodor entitled Madonna Now. Set on exploring religious art history, as well as turning some of it completely upside-down, the event will feature professional models and dancers, dressed head to toe in MQ’s Combinat brands Pitour and Artista. If in the mood for a spectacular work of art cracking open the very essence of religious iconography, and clashing it with the contemporary world.

MQ main court
1070, Museumsplatz 1

HOLIDAY |  |  22.07.12  |  send link

The time has come when most of us head to the seaside for a breather, enjoying a good holiday. Once again, we too are slowing down during the strongest heats of summer, although our eyes and ears are still very much open in order to bring you the occasional news. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook as not to miss out on any of the action. Before we say goodbye though, we have compiled a list of the best summer exhibits around Europe and beyond, hoping your travels will take you to some of them. We are back in September!

HISTORY |  |  20.07.12  |  send link
Medieval Lingerie Discovery
Image A stunning discovery has just recently been made at Lengberg Castle in East Tyrol, where a treasure trove of Middle Ages textiles has been uncovered. Containing over 2000 cloth fragments, the pit in which they were found had a surprise in store for everyone. Four wonderfully preserved bras, intricately decorated, and all dated back to the 15th Century, hold the proof of a much earlier bra existence than originally thought. An invention assigned to the 19th Century women has a much older precedent in our region, proving that Austrian fashion-forwardness is just as much a thing of the past, as it is of the present!

Medieval lingerie from Lengberg Castle, East-Tyrol
Institute of Archaeologies
The University of Innsbruck

EVENT |  |  19.07.12  |  send link
Vintage Salon Vienna
Image2012|09|14 + 15

The *gschwandner space, full of heritage and historical ambience, is set to be transformed into a vintage salon, offering various vintage brands from the times gone by. Expect anything from fashion, design and furniture pieces, as well as traditional handcrafted products, all presented with the irreplaceable atmospheric space of the *gschwandner in the background. It’s a contemporary experience of a good shopping day out merged with a heritage loaded event.

1170, Geblergasse 36

SHOW |  |  19.07.12  |  send link
MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2012
Image2012|09|12 - 16

For a week every September, it seems Vienna breathes and lives on fashion. Hosting the annual MQ Vienna Fashion Week, the city floods with press, buyers, stylists, designers, and visitors, all partaking in the action. As per usual, expect a fashion and sales area, a showroom, numerous side events and parties, not to forget the show line-up. The tickets come in a limited amount though, so the sooner you buy, the better. See you all there!

MuseumsQuartier Wien/quartier21
1070, Museumsplatz 1

EVENT |  |  14.07.12  |  send link
Textile Culture Haslach
Image2012|07|15 - 08|19

Summer 2012 has great things in store for the Haslach Textile Centre which has been revamped and transformed into the ultimate destination for textile fans. Housing a number of cultural institutions under the one roof of the former factory, you will also find an extensive programme of lectures, workshops and exhibits taking place. The Weaving Museum is joined by the Museum of Mechanical Sound, finding the parallels between textiles and music, also explored by the exhibit Invisible Threads-Electric Weaving (Opening, 18th July) and a showcase of Susanne Heindl’s work (Opening, 17th July) is also prepared. The 15th of July marks a musical performance of two jazz musicians Markus Stockhausen and Tara Bouman, followed by the international weaving exhibition and market on the 21st- 22nd July.

COMPETITION |  |  11.07.12  |  send link
International Talent Support Finals
Image2012|07|13 -14

The International Talent Support (ITS) finals in Trieste are upon us once again, having prepared priceless awards, prizes and advice for yet another selection of young fashion, jewellery and accessory designers. The distinguished jury had the hard job of reviewing thousands of applications sent in from all the corners of the world, only to pick and choose 31 individuals who will battle it out for the ultimate recognition and exposure the finals offer. Good luck to all the remaining contestants, but as we know, ITS will settle for nothing but the best when it comes to creativity and design, so we congratulate for all those who made it even this far!

EXHIBITION |  |  10.07.12  |  send link
Nous Voilà
Image2012|07|12 - 14

The first graduates of the new Jewellery Design course at Herbstrasse are about to present a selection of their works, showing their own unique aesthetics in each piece. After the three-year study, the young jewellery artists are ready to test the design-world waters by putting on a three day long gallery exhibit called Nous Voilà. Filled with a youthful allure, innovative ideas and a fresh outlook.

Galerie V&V
1010, Bauernmarkt 19

COMPETITION |  |  07.07.12  |  send link
European Fashion Award FASH 2013
Image Annually held by the German Fashion Industry Foundation (SDBI), the European Fashion Award (FASH) has been up and running for some time now, and has already established itself as one of the prominent fashion competitions in Europe. Designed to find and nurture young talent, as well as help with the often difficult start-up in the fashion industry, FASH brings together a distinguished international jury and offers prizes such as a photo session with a renowned photographer or invaluable tutoring and support from professionals. This year’s theme is SEXes, and looks into the images of men, how they translate into our contemporary world and how they affect the female gender. Registration deadline is the 30th September while the latest you can submit your application is 25th October. Good luck!

FILM TV |  |  05.07.12  |  send link
Frame[o]ut Digital Film Festival
Image2012|07|06- 08|25

Festivals are no longer just crowded muddy field gatherings. The MQ Summer of Fashion is much classier than that, transforming itself into an open-air theatre twice weekly, screening fashion films, street-style documentaries as well as special theme nights tackling important issues of our society. Who better to open the Frame[o]ut event, merging film and fashion, than the style maven, blogger and film-maker Diane Pernet herself. As a guest star, she is giving a talk discussing her very own A Shaded View on Fashion Film Festival, and introducing some of the screenings on the Frame[o]ut schedule. We already know where we will be spending those balmy summer nights!

Opening: 6th July, 21:00
MQ Hof 8
1070, Museumsplatz 1

MAGAZINE |  |  04.07.12  |  send link
DERZEIT- Fashion Week Berlin Daily
Image The Fashion Week Berlin Daily- DERZEIT, is as much a part of the Berlin Fashion Week whirlwind as any of the shows or parties. Uniting photographers, journalists, stylists and designers under the common theme that spells young, experimental and fresh fashion, DERZEIT is a street-style reflection of the newest trends, shown through original fashion-shoots, and mapping Berlin’s diverse and ever-growing art scene, reporting on the fashion week’s highlights, as well as putting fashion into a wider context. It’s the publication on everybody’s lips and a perfect addition to a great week in Berlin fashion. Available in Berlin’s hot-spots, as well as online.

DESIGNER |  |  03.07.12  |  send link
Berlin Fashion Week
Image2012|07|03 - 07|08

The anticipation of a new fashion season to come is always exciting. Berlin Fashion Week has shows by brands such as Escada Sport or Hugo Boss on the schedule, so it’s not hard to see the high-fashion pull, but our Austrian designers are in no way less deserving of the limelight. Lena Hoschek and rebekka ruétz will both be hosting a fashion show, while ep_anoui and superated & Andy Wolf are holding studio presentations.

Within the frame of the Austrian Fashion Showcase, labels such as Andy Wolf, art point, HARTMANN NORDENHOLZ, INA KENT, KATHARINA SCHMID, LILA PIX, meshit, mija t. rosa, superated and Sonja Bischur Jewellery are set to blend right in, and more, with the vibrating atmosphere of a fashion capital.

And finally, taking something used and useless and transforming it into a thing of wearable beauty is exactly what the 1A Austrian Upcycling Showroom does, involving 10 award-winning brands and presenting upcycled fashion and accessories during the Fashion Week. STEINWIDDER, mija t. rosa, MILCH, km/a and kamaeleon, as well as the jewellery labels carin fürst, milchring, trash design manufaktur and bag designers kontiki and tag.werk. are in, and so are we!

Berlin Fashion Week
Mercedes-Benz Fashion week Berlin

EXHIBITION |  |  02.07.12  |  send link
Cannes Photo Mode 2012
Image2012|06|29 - 08|28

Cannes is a city never short of glamour, hosting some of the glitziest festivals, events and parties, and the International Festival of Fashion and Beauty Photography can be considered one of them. Ten years in the running, the Cannes Photo Mode Festival celebrates a round anniversary this year, calling for even more creative input, and will feature almost 200 international fashion and beauty photographers, exhibiting all around the city. Interactive, exciting and definitely stylish, Cannes Photo Mode 2012 is the one to watch!