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DESIGNER |  |  17.01.16  |  send link
Start Scholarships 2016
Image The Arts Division and the Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria (BKA) continues their START Scholarship scheme with another year of subsidies and support given out to young national talent, offering a helping hand in their industries. Altogether 95 scholarships will go out to the successful applicants from the creative areas of Arts, Architecture and Design (10), Artistic Photography (5), Video and Media art (5), Fashion (5), Music and Performing Arts (35), Film Art (5), Literature (15), and Cultural Management (5). The six-month worth of support is surely a considerable boost to the young artists out there, so if you are one of them, give it a try. Applications close at the end of March!

EXHIBITION |  |  17.01.16  |  send link
Basic structures of ...

Running alongside the time and framework of the International Fashion Showcase and London Fashion Week, the upcoming exhibit at the Austrian Cultural Forum London in London presents three artists - Anna-Sophie Berger, Fay Nicholson, and Constanze Schweiger, with their creative practices using the vocabulary of fabric. The artworks on display are delving into the human relationships to weave, as well as the connections between the body and technology, trying to decipher the multi-layered act of the production of textiles. Complementing the fashion packed week well, Basic structures of ... goes a bit deeper with its conceptual strain.

9th February- 15th April 2016
Austrian Cultural Forum London
28 Rutland Gate
London SW7 1PQ

SHOW |  |  17.01.16  |  send link
Berlin Fashion Week

18th- 22nd January

Kicking off the new fashion season, Berlin Fashion Week starts off the rollercoaster of a fashion month ahead with its 18th edition. The destination for the big European names, sprinkled with a good dose of quirky underground up-and-comers, Berlin Fashion Week strikes a balance well, attracting a melting pot of designers and visitors. Our very own Austrian Marina Hörmanseder, Lena Hoschek and Rebekka Ruetz will once again be showcasing their new collections too, so if there, make sure you make it out to support them!

EXHIBITION |  |  17.01.16  |  send link
Red Threads - textileforce

If it’s insight into the complexities of the artistic textile production you’re looking for, the exhibition Red Threads is for you. The exhibit presents textile in its many manifestations, ranging from an artistic medium to a socio-cultural pinnacle, and explores the different perspectives and approaches young designers adopt nowadays. Cooperating with the Textiles - Free, Applied and Experimental Artistic Design department of the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Red Threads brings in ground-breaking and fearless creativity and discourse into light.

Until 13th February 2016
Galerie Freihausgasse
Galerie der Stadt Villach Freihausgasse
9500 Villach