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10 July 2020
Sassa Ann Van Wyk


AUSTRIANFASHION.NET presents 15 innovative Austrian fashion and product designers at the world’s first online design festival.

31 January 2020
Raf Simons for Dior Haute Couture by Tim Walker

SMUK. Fashion Decoration: a Show-Off

Putting historical and contemporary decorative techniques of luxury fashion in the spotlight through clothing, accessories, and couture.

20 November 2019
Fida Al Hussan Fallafai at Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

Modest Fashion*

*An international phenomenon in art and fashion.

20 November 2019
Iby Paul eligius award

Eligius Award 2019

Discovering new Austrian talent and supporting the growth of the contemporary Austrian jewellery scene.

31 October 2019
10 Jahre Kolleg SchmuckDesign

„Es braucht auch eine theoretische Auseinandersetzung mit dem Phänomen Schmuck.“

Susanne Hammer im Interview über das Schmuckkolleg Herbststraße, das vom 5. bis 10. November 2019 sein zehnjähriges Bestehen feiert.

13 June 2019

Textile Kultur Haslach 2019

Several textile exhibitions will take place in Haslach and its surrounding area, followed by the ETN conference.

11 June 2019

Elfie Semotan: Contradiction

A tribute exhibition to one of Austria’s most forward looking and pioneering photographers invites you to Berlin.

18 April 2019

Vienna Biennale 2019

Vienna Biennale for Change 2019 holds the theme BRAVE NEW VIRTUES. Shaping Our Digital World.

7 March 2019

5th International Triennale of Textile Art

Textile Art of Today connects textiles and new technologies.

15 February 2019

Rainer Ganahl löst mit marxistischer Kritik am Modesystem Eklat aus.

Der in New York lebende österreichische Künstler Rainer Ganahl präsentierte sein neues Buch Manhattan Marxism in der Kunsthalle Wien. Teil der Präsentation war eine politische Performance, die als Auftragsarbeit für ...

1 February 2019

Ars Electronica STARTS Prize

The submissions for the European Commission STARTS Prize during Ars Electronica are open.

9 January 2019

Remade Design: Apokalyptische Ästhetik

Anita Steinwidder und Matthias Winkler geben alten Materialien eine zweite Chance.

17 October 2020

Michel Hueter: Unsere Aufgabe ist es nicht zu coachen, sondern zu vernetzen

Leitmotiv der Schweizer Designindustrie sei die Ingeniosität, sagt Michel Hueter, Kurator und Direktor von Design Preis Schweiz. Das leite sich schon aus der Historie des Landes ab. sprach mit ...

3 November 2019
Filmstill by Johannes Schweiger Excavation

Arts and Crafts

Exploring the links between tradition, discourse and technologies in the contemporary arts and crafts scene.

14 September 2019

Vienna Design Week 2019

The 13th edition of Austria’s largest curated design festival comes back to Vienna at the end of September.

30 July 2019

Sigalit Landau. Salt Years

Objects baptised by the Dead Sea and revealing an ethereal quality of the timelapse of life.

10 July 2019


Thanks to the digital revolution and the social networks, fashion illustration is currently experiencing an unprecedented boom.

14 June 2019

Crafty Hands

The journey takes you from the guilds of the Middle Ages to modern-day 3D printing.

26 April 2019

Garage Exchange: Constanze Schweiger and 69

The artist Constanze Schweiger invites the fashion house 69 for an exhibition collaboration.

18 April 2019

A Failed Play

The first solo exhibition of Austrian Anna-Sophie Berger’s work in London at Cell Project Space.

10 April 2019

100 years of Bauhaus: The Anniversary

A country-wide celebration of all things Bauhaus, connecting the community, makers, advocates, and appreciators of the movement.

3 April 2019

Design Month Graz

Another edition of the great month of design in Graz, with an even better theme to boot.

1 April 2019

La Biennale di Venezia

Renate Bertlmann represents Austria at the 58th International Art Exhibition - "May You Live In Interesting Times"

18 March 2019

Focus Design II

As part of the second Salzburg Design Days the focus will be on fashion unique pieces by young Salzburg fashion designers.

28 February 2019

Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams

A captivating retrospective of one of the most influential couturiers of the 20th Century.

8 October 2018


An exhibition of the MAK, Vienna and the Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt am Main

6 October 2018

Sonja Bischur Jewellery Exhibition

The V&V Gallery invites you to a showcase of the jewellery designer Sonja Bischur’s works.

4 October 2018

Vienna Jewellery Days 2018

The International Festival of Contemporary Jewellery brings jewellery to the fore for six days at 35 locations across Vienna.

19 September 2018

Mit Wearables Gesprächsverhalten messen

Sophie Skach begann 2015 einen PHD an der Queen Mary University of London. In der Forschungsgruppe ‚Cognitive Science’ und ‚Performative Wearables’ ist sie die Mode-, Textil- und Strickexpertin. Ihre Kollegen ...

19 September 2018

The Human Approach to Digital Disruption

Sabinna - The London based fashion designer speaks on her own design process, what inspires her, and the future of fashion as she sees it.

18 September 2018
Imen Bousnina.jpg

Modest Modedesign in Wien

Ideal einer interkulturellen Gesellschaft. Es sind muslimische Länder, die Modest Fashion auf die globale Agenda setzen wollen - allen voran Dubai, Türkei und Indonesien. Migrationsbedingt ist die Bewegung jedoch weltweit ...

18 September 2018
Ricardo O’Nascimento_Be-loved_copyright_photo_LidiaVevi.jpg

Fashion Tech: Neue Formen der Interaktion über (Sensoren in) Kleidung

Ricardo O’Nascimento arbeitet an Wearables, die neue Formen der Kommunikation und Interaktion abseits des Computer Screens ermöglichen. Er hat seinen Master in ‚Interface Cultures’ an der Kunstuniversität Linz absolviert. Seither ...

14 September 2018

Vienna Design Week 2018

Austria´s largest design festival is entering its 12th round this year and invites you for a great experience.

14 September 2018

Bolton Film Festival Screening

Georg Eckmayr’s short film ‘Landscape of Me’ screening at the Bolton Film Festival.

14 September 2018

Vienna Contemporary 2018

Making use Vienna’s vibrant culture, and thriving contemporary art scene, the Vienna Contemporary festival will once again gather under the roof of the iconic Marx Halle.

13 September 2018

Blickfang Vienna 2018

The ultimate international design show is back in Vienna along with all the great talent it always brings.

12 September 2018

Die Zukunft der Mode

Der US-Kunstbetrieb hat in ‚Mode und Technologie’ ein publikumswirksames Thema gefunden. Die spektakulären Objekte vermitteln das Gefühl, dass die Zukunft der Mode nahe ist. In Europa ist die Euphorie noch ...

29 July 2018

BLESS N°63 Neutra Dasein

A special project from the designers of BLESS at the iconic Los Angeles Neutra VDL House, creating a social space where the public will be invited to spend time exploring ...

10 July 2018

Make Me Look Beautiful, Madame D’Ora!

The story of Madame D’Ora and her iconic photography portraits on view at the Leopold Museum.

10 July 2018
jewellery links

Jewellery Links Exhibition

Exploring the Turkish jewellery scene through a diverse display of the works of 13 artists.

20 April 2018

Designmonat Graz 2018

The city of Graz is home to the annual Designmonat which consistently treats its many visitors to an array of design-oriented exhibitions, events, and an overall rich programme.

20 April 2018

Fashion Drive. Extreme Clothing in the Visual Arts

The exhibition spans art in multiple media from the Renaissance to the present day, with paintings, sculptures, installations, prints and watercolors, photographs, films, costumes and armour by some sixty artists.

2 April 2018

Ines Doujak SALE

The Large Hall of the LENTOS is transformed into a fashion store! The Austrian artist Ines Doujak presents her highly unusual fashion collections.

13 October 2017

Crazy Young Minds

Commissioned by for ReFashioning Austria ShanghaiPublished in YOHO GIRL, November 2016

25 July 2017

Helmut Lang - Various Conditions

An extensive new show of Helmut Lang’s latest works is taking place at two locations simultaneously- Sammlung Friedrichshof in Zurndorf and Stadtraum in Vienna.

13 June 2017
Kohei Nishi, Foto: Luca Fuchs

Show Angewandte 2017

The highlight of the graduate season in Austria, the Angewandte Show took to the Viennese Orangerie for a slice of the untamed.

5 June 2017


The 1970s as a women's era of emancipation shown through an extensive exhibition at the MUMOK.

14 May 2017

Loos Salon

A creative night at the Loos Salon with art, fashion, and music.

9 April 2017

Oh...Jakob Lena Knebl and the Mumok Collection

An interactive and eccentric exhibition to feed your mind.

17 September 2016

Pairs of Eight

Stoß im Himmel 3, hier im ersten Bezirk und dennoch ein bisschen ums Eck ist eine Wiener Schmuckinstitution zu Hause. Und das in wechselnder Besetzung seit schon fast zwanzig Jahren. ...

12 September 2016
Art-Carpet "Kristall", Foto: Gilbert Bretterbauer

Textiler Aufbruch

Gilbert Bretterbauer leitet die Studienrichtung „“ an der Kunstuniversität Linz, zudem arbeitet er als Textilkünstler: Er kreiert Teppiche, Sitzmöbel, Lampen und Objekte, die er in Verbindung zum Raum stellt.

27 June 2016
The Trigger / Euphoria

Bags with souls

In a sit-down with one of the newest accessory up-and-comers, we chat to Katharina Purkarthofer and take a peek at her debut collection INTROSPECTION.

7 June 2016
Displaying Fashion Opener

Displaying Fashion

In der Salzburger Galerie 5020 gelingt es sechs österreichischen Modedesignern innerhalb einer Präsentationsfläche mit neuen Konzepten die Grenzen zur Kunst aufzuheben und beim Betrachter eine Intensität der Emotionen zu provozieren.

10 June 2012

The Art of Fashion

“Ist Mode Kunst?” fragt FIT Direktorin Dr. Valerie Steele

1 May 2012
Seidenband in Jacquardweberei (Detail) | wohl Slowakei 19. Jh.| Sammlung Emilie Flöge | © Österreichisches Museum für Volkskunde, Wien.jpg

Die Sammlerin Flöge

Zur umfangreichen Textil- und Bekleidungssammlung des Österreichischen Museums für Volkskunde zählen rund 350 Objekte aus dem Nachlass von Emilie Flöge, der Lebenspartnerin und Muse Gustav Klimts. Ein großer Teil der ...

3 November 2011

Werbepausen seinerzeit

Kinomodenschauen in Wiener Kinos

1 October 2010


Majella Reismann entwickelt Funktionskleidung für den Ausnahmezustand Krankheit: Dass ihr Anzug für Kranke und Pflegebedürftige neben hoher Funktionalität und großem Tragekomfort auch noch modisch und chic ist, war Majella Reismann ...

1 October 2009


Von Mieder bis Latex, vom Modesalon der Schwestern Flöge bis Helmut Lang: Die Modesammlung des Wien Museum zählt mit ihrem Bestand von über 25.000 Objekten zu den bedeutendsten Sammlungen in ...

12 March 2009

Wiener Couture

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