Campaign © 34th International Festival for Fashion, Photography and Accessories Hyères

Festival Hyères 2019

Every Spring in the South of France, the Festival spotlights young promising artists in the fields of fashion, accessories and photography.

Since 1986, the Festival of Fashion and Photography at Villa Noailles in Hyères has been building up a reputation as one of the most sought after alternative festivals for creativity overall. Yearly, selecting ten emerging artists within various fields, the festival rounds up the cream of the crop of young talents. The head of this year’s jury - Natacha Ramsay-Levi. Expect a 25 year retrospective of Self-Service Magazine, alongside the usual exhibition of the selected artists until 28 May. An Austrian name has also made it to the list of the cutting-edge festival. Christoph Rumpf is one of the finalists in the fashion competition, so we are crossing our fingers and wishing him the best of luck. (And finally he took home the Première Vision Grand Prix for his menswear collection !)

More News

20 November 2019
Iby Paul eligius award

Eligius Award 2019

Discovering new Austrian talent and supporting the growth of the contemporary Austrian jewellery scene.

20 November 2019
Fida Al Hussan Fallafai at Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

Modest Fashion*

*An international phenomenon in art and fashion.

3 November 2019
Filmstill by Johannes Schweiger Excavation

Arts and Crafts

Exploring the links between tradition, discourse and technologies in the contemporary arts and crafts scene.

3 November 2019
40 Years of Vogue Germany

Ist das Mode oder kann das weg!?

A celebratory 40th anniversary retrospective into the aesthetic phenomenon that is Vogue Germany.

13 October 2019
hanimanns at the blickfang vienna

Blickfang Vienna 2019

The biggest design concept store with a solid tradition of decades lands in the capital of Austria once again.

23 September 2019
Fast Fashion Tim Mitchell Clothing Recycled

Fast Fashion: The Dark Sides of Fashion

Addressing the pressing issues of fast fashion in the modern world, and showcasing sustainable ways to reverse the process.