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The State of Fashion 2020: The Report © Business of Fashion, McKinsey & Company

The State of Fashion 2020: The Report

Looking at the trends, numbers, worries, and positive outlooks within the fashion industry for the upcoming year.

The Business of Fashion and McKinsey & Company came out with an in-depth report The State of Fashion 2020, researching, questioning, and presenting the current themes, issues, and opportunities within the fashion sector. Looking forward to 2020, the report suggests strategising well in light of the growing concern and anxiety of many industry leaders. On the other hand, there is a positive flair to the report based on the evolving channels, shifting markets, and research that matters being conducted so as to make a difference in how the fashion business is carried out. There is a lot to take in, which is why a thorough report like this can offer you some great insights, as well as the bigger picture. Whether you are involved with the fashion industry directly, or simply a consumer, we recommend you download the report either way.

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