Reference image: Azra Akšamija / Future Heritage Lab, draft design for Diaspora Scroll – Graz, 2018

What is embroidery?

Educational conversation with skilled embroderers on the diversity of an old craft reimagined for modernity.

As a part of the ongoing exhibition at Kunsthaus Graz, entitled Faith Love Hope, in which the artist Azra Akšamija applies digital programming to embrodiery and explores the church’s political and social history, a series of talks are happening during the summer, with two more upcoming dates. Expert embroiderers will be bringing different techniques to the public, be it Assisi embroidery, cross-stitch and even the Richelieu technique. The complexity of the craft will be shining through all these events, revealing its great diversity and beauty, as interpreted by contemporary craftsmen.

1 July & 5 August 2018

Kunsthaus Graz
Lendkai 1
8020 Graz

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