Austrian Fashion Guide
Austrian Fashion Guide to support Austrian Designers showing in Paris

Austrian Fashion Guide 2007-2010

Die erste Ausgabe des Austrian Fashion Guide erschien rechtzeitig vor der Pret á porter femme Paris, am 15. September 2007. Neben Interviews und Porträts aller in Paris präsentierenden heimischen DesignerInnen informierte der in der edlen Optik eines Hochglanzmagazins produzierte Katalog bis ins Jahr 2010 regelmäßig über sämtliche Messe-, Show- und Showroom-Daten der österreichischen DesignerInnen. 

Austrian Fashion Guide 3

Austrian Fashion Guide published by plastic media

Austrian Fashion Guide 4
Austrian Fashion Guide 5
Austrian Fashion Guide 6

Initiatorin des Austrian Fashion Guide ist die Designer-Gemeinschaft, die 2007 als offene Kommunikationsplattform für alle österreichischen ModedesignerInnen ins Leben gerufen wurde. Alison J. Clarke, Professorin an der Universität für angewandte Kunst in Wien, schrieb den ersten Einführungstext:

Introduction by Alison J. Clarke, Professor, Chair Design History and Theory, University of Applied Arts Vienna

Vienna, from the turn of the twentieth century onwards, has been the premier European city of East and West fusion; a melting pot of stylistic influence from the austerity of avant-garde Modernism to the excess of Baroque Imperialism. Most recently Vienna’s vibrant creativity has been intensified through the opening up of former Eastern Europe, adding a new layer of cultural diversity to its established traditions in craft, textiles and luxury accessories. Vienna, home to key thinkers and designers of modernity, is generating an ever-greater profile in contemporary fashion culture.

Visionaries of the Wiener Werkstätte design movement, who challenged the elitism of fine arts and championed contemporary fashion as an essential, democratic element of everyday life, founded their manifestos here. And today attention to detail, form, cut, the contradictions and complementarities of culture and nature, ornament and restraint remain a legacy of a Austrian approach to fashion.

Vienna’s fashion creativity is unique; worldly, cosmopolitan, yet refreshingly untainted by the monotony of the more familiar globalised fashion capitals. 

A showcase of Austria’s leading designers, this pamphlet takes some of Vienna’s finest fashion creatives to a broader international audience in recognition of the increasingly high profile their work is generating from London to Paris. A guide to the many and varied talents of Austrian fashion designers, dealing with menswear through to jewellery, it marks a broader initiative to expose the breadth of talent emanating from a truly vibrant European capital.

Introduction by Alison J. Clarke, Professor, Chair Design History and Theory, University of Applied Arts Vienna

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